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Motor Mount Brackets

Fits K&B, Lawless & High-performance Outdrives - For 3.5/7.5/11/13 - Comes with Blue, Red, or Gold Andozied Side Plates - Features Oil-Lite Bushings that are replaceable. CAD Designed


Steering Bracket

Steering Bracket

Steering Bracket fits 3.5cc and 7.5cc outboards. Machined from Aluminum. Also available to fit the Lawless angle.


Nova Rossi Crank

Nova Rossi 3.5cc Long or Short Stroke Crank. Currently holds the record at 59.99 MPH. CAD Designed and CNC Machined


Lower Bearing Case

Lower Bearing Case fits the K&B, Lawless & High-performance 3.5cc foot. CAD Designed


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